• " Vidya Amrutam Ashnute "
  • Our motto has been chosen very thoughtfully from the Yajurveda relatively encompasses our vision and crest which means; "Development of knowledge is the base of eternal happiness." It kindles the quest for knowledge and serves as an inspirational ideology to achieve the core purpose of Learning at Gundecha Education Academy Schools.
  • Our crest has the Open Book in Navy Blue colour it is a symbol of learning and knowledge.
  • It represents the learning that we strive to provide for our pupils so that they may continue to learn and develop throughout their lives, we at Gundecha Education Academy envisage this to be lifelong learning. The encircling foliage of leaves in the foreground projects the expanse of education with a global perspective which prepares our students to embrace the challenges of the world.

Colours In the Crest

  • The four basic elemental colours in the crest assimilate to realize our vision and mission with an aim of "To Create, Collaborate and Celebrate Learning"
  • Royal Blue colour symbolizes the strength and loyalty built in our students by enkindling the knowledge of mind and body which carve a niche for our institution.
  • Serene White supports the values of our mission like reverence, humility and peace that should prevail on the globe and this shall be ingrained in the young learners of Gundecha Education Academy.
  • Vibrant Red represents the desire, energy and passion to gain knowledge and power. It also strengthens our mission to surface the inherent curiosity in a child to learn.
  • Enriching Green represent the progressive approach which has been our strength to foster creativity and productivity.