Our Philosophy


We believe that academic qualifications alone do not make an individual truly educated. Therefore, through a multitude of curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular programmes the school provides the students every opportunity for an all round growth to create confident citizens of the future India.

At Gundecha Education Academy, we do not do different things but do things differently. The emphasis is on creating a stress free atmosphere where children look forward to coming to school. The children are given learning inputs in such a way that it inculcates self learning through ‘concept and skill oriented’ teaching-learning methods. Teaching is more activity based and supported by appropriate teaching aids for which the teachers have been trained by Wipro under the “Applying a thought to schools” programme.

We ensure that the students spend 50% of their time outside their classrooms gaining exposure and practical experience by being in the state of art science laboratories, geography lab, math lab, computer rooms and become mentally alert and physically strong by attending sessions in the dance room, music room, art room, AV room, full fledged library, an indoor sports room and by playing internationally recognized games like basketball, tennis, throw ball, volleyball, cricket, table-tennis, chess, carrom etc. The tiny tots have all the fun learning new things in the edutainment room. A unique programme for the preschoolers called “Sports Nursery” has been introduced to develop sporting skills at that young age.

Our educational philosophy is a bit different though. While the government stresses upon being literate and increasing the literacy rate , we feel merely being literate is not enough. It is important to be educated and develop skills that match ones calibre so as to do well in life. It would not only help in that person’s growth and development but also prove to be good for the society. We believe that merely theoretical knowledge is not enough. It is essential to render practical knowledge to the students in order to develop proper understanding of the subject.

Education is one of the most important ingredients in the development of an individual as well as the society and the nation as a whole. A nation with educated citizens can develop at a far better speed.

We also believe that the students must be taught social skills and the need to support each other to grow as a nation. We wish to see our country bloom with educated youth as education has the power to show the right path to an individual.